Arrow didn’t save a parking spot. What happened?

There are some conditions that must be met so Arrow can register and save a parking spot.

  • Drive time at least one minute
  • GPS on
  • GPS signal

The most common cause of failures is that a GPS signal could not be received. There are a number of factors that affect GPS behavior. Closed structures like parking garages usually block out the GPS signal or at least decrease the accuracy. The weather can also have an effect; on cloudy or rainy days the GPS signal can deteriorate. Solar storms can also produce erratic readings. And finally, not all phones are made the same and some just have a better GPS performance than others. If you feel your problem is not related to any of the above, please drop us an email.

The arrow does not point directly at the car.

You need to calibrate your compass. One way of doing that is waving your phone in a figure 8 pattern a couple of times. Another way is to go to Settings -> Location & security -> Calibrate compass. In either case you will have to wave your phone in funny patterns. Bystanders and friends will marvel in wonder.

I parked in a parking garage and my parking location was displayed incorrectly.

Unfortunately in many closed structures the GPS signal is weak or entirely gone. Arrow will save your location as soon as a signal is available again, which may be once you left the garage.

Can I delete parking spots?

Yes, you can either set the number of parking spots to keep in the settings or you can delete single parking spots by long-tapping the parking spot and selecting delete in the parking spot list.

Is my information private?

Yes. Only the actual parking spots are saved and they are only saved on your device. We anonimously track usage, like how often you use Arrow, but never your location or actual parking spots.